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Tegernseer Hütte (1650 m) | Roßstein and Buchstein (1701 m) | Tegernsee, Bavaria

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Tegernsee, Bavaria:
an easy hiking tour for weekdays onto Tegernseer Hütte (1650 m) & Roßstein and Buchstein (1701 m)


Due to its easy character and the good food at Tegernseer Hütte, this trip is pretty famous amongst people from Munich. Hence, if you want to come on a weekend and you’re rather a friend of peace and loneliness, this is certainly not your cup of tea! On a weekday though, you can enjoy this beautiful hike without meeting tons of tourists. One of the ways to get up is to combine your hike with some biking. I will introduce this hike & bike tour to you:

Kreuth, parking lot (850m) – Buchsteinhütte (1260 m | end of biking part | 1.00 h) – Tegernseer Hütte (1650 m | 2.00 h) – Roßstein and Buchstein (1701 m | 2.15 h) – Kreuth, parking lot (850m | 3.30 h)

Level of difficulty: easy
Length: 4 hours
Fitness level: medium
Altitude difference: 850 m
Equipment: usual hiking gear, bike gear
View: Tegernsee region, Guffert, Achensee
Map: Kompass no. 8
Starting point: parking lot, 83708 Kreuth


How to get there

From Munich, take the highway A 8 direction Salzburg. Take the exit “Holzkirchen” and drive direction “Tegernsee”. Drive towards “Kreuth” and “Achensee”. Some kilometers after the city of Kreuth and behind “Wildbad Kreuth” you will find two parking lots on each side of the street. Take the right one, this is your starting point.

In case you want to extend the biking part of the tour, you can park in Kreuth downtown and start from there.

Address for GPS: parking lot, 83708 Kreuth


As it is an easy tour, no special preparation is needed here. The earlier you start, the more likely you will be alone on this tour. The path to Tegernseer Hütte is a bit rocky, so you should wear proper hiking shoes. Especially when the conditions are wet the trail is slippery. Bring hiking poles for the descent. Food and drinks are available at Buchsteinhütte and Tegernseer Hütte. Water refill possibilities are given at the beginning of the tour (river).


At the parking lot, a broad street marks the beginning of our tour. Initially you will bike on this street for about half an hour. The river “Weißach” flows on your left side. There are two steep passages on this first part of your tour.

After approximately 30 minutes, the way parts. Take a turn to the left and follow the signs leading towards Buchsteinhütte. From here on the broad trail becomes steeper. 30 Minutes of exhausting uphill cycling follow.

Shortly before you would reach the Buchsteinhütte, a clearly visible junction shows up. On your left side, a more narrow trail starts southwards. Leave your bike here and continue per pedes. The signs will show you the way.

Rossstein Buchstein peaknomad.com

View to Mount Hirschberg

From here, you will hike on a beautiful, bumpy trail. Cows spend their summers on these meadows and you will catch first glimpses of the two rocky peaks. After one hour you will reach Tegernseer Hütte. The mountain inn is spectacularly situated between the two peaks like an aerie. From here, you will reach the peak of Roßstein only within 10 minutes. Take a rest on the terrace of the hut and try some of the really delicious food they offer.

If you want to reach the Buchstein peak, some climbing (level II) is required. Be careful when the stone is wet and please don’t climb up if you don’t feel safe.


Take the same way back, it will take you approximately 1,5 hours. You will be happy about your bike now as you can save a lot of time and walking. Biking downhill is much more fun than walking, isn’t it?


If you didn’t come with your bike and you want to do a round trip you can descend to Bayerwald and take a bus back to your car.

Roßstein Buchstein map peaknomad

© Kompass

This area offers several easy hiking tours!
Behind the parking lot on the opposite side of the street, the path leading to the “royal” Königsalm is waiting for you.



Born and raised in the beautiful Tegernsee region in Bavaria, I grew up in the midst of mountains. After my studies in art history I have been working in the art business for years and became a trained mountain guide in 2013. Every free minute I spend either outdoors - hiking, biking, skitouring and running - or around the world, traveling foreign countries. On peaknomad.com, I am sharing my travel and hiking experiences as well as daily stories about a healthy, happy and mindful lifestyle.

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