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Sleeping in the Outdoors | Hike and camp

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Sleeping in your car is an easy and safe way to camp.

You love outdoor activities? You are on a tight budget or just like camping?

Sometimes it is cold, the weather suddenly changes to rain and thunderstorms or you are too tired to build up a tent after a long hike?

fold out hatch

fold out hatch for an elonged sleep


a comfortable and easy camping solution

Here is my ultimate solution: pimp your car! Some years ago, I decided to have a construction built into my Renault Kangoo and since then I am absolutely free whenever and wherever I travel and hike. Wherever I go hiking, my bed is already with me. And I do not have to invest additional time exept 3 minutes for rolling out my mattress and my sleeping bag.

This wooden construction levels between the luggage space and the seats (for all cars that do not have removable seats). My carpenter added an extra fold-out hatch that elongates the mobile bed – if the weather is good I can sleep half-outdoors.

The construction is built in a way that allows me to store my hiking and climbing equipment beneath the bed (and a mountain bike on top of it). It is a cool place, so one can even keep food from the heat on hot summer days. For the comfortable sleeping experience, all you need is a self inflating mattress (prices vary extremely depending on the weight; you should decide whether you want to buy one that is only used for the car or a super light weight version that you can easily carry up the mountain for a bivouac) and a sleeping bag. Also don’t forget to bring a (inflatable) pillow – you will sleep better!

For cooking and making tea or coffee in the morning I naturally carry a camping stove. I am absolutely aware that there are much more sophisticated camping cars. My solution is easy, ideal for a low budget and modifiable.


  • You are safe from thunderstorms and bad weather
  • You stay warm when it is cold
  • It is super quick compared to building up a tent
  • You do not have to carry the equipment

My constant in-car Equipment

  • Self inflating mattress(es)
  • Sleeping bag(s)
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Light Towel
  • Camping stove
  • Water canister
  • A down jacket for cold days
  • An extra pair of fresh socks


Born and raised in the beautiful Tegernsee region in Bavaria, I grew up in the midst of mountains. After my studies in art history I have been working in the art business for years and became a trained mountain guide in 2013. Every free minute I spend either outdoors - hiking, biking, skitouring and running - or around the world, traveling foreign countries. On peaknomad.com, I am sharing my travel and hiking experiences as well as daily stories about a healthy, happy and mindful lifestyle.

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