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The art of letting go.

Most of us consider ourselves free beings. More free than we have ever been during the history of human mankind. But is that actually true?
I keep thinking that we are slaves – today more than ever. Slaves to our fears, careers and money, depending on certain foods and drugs and constant (digital) distraction.

We forgot our true selves, we forgot how to let go – and just be. Be aware. Aware of our existence. Here and now.

The human brain tends to fly back and forth between our past and the future, although the past has long been gone and the future is not here yet and therefore not real. Your dreams are not real. Only the current moment is real. Live it! Stop worrying! Stop daydreaming!

Escape the mind trap: Meditation

Ask yourself, over and over again: Is this thought real? Am I mindful right now?

How to do that? Sit down in peace and silence and start meditating. Watch your thoughts. Every single day. No excuses.

And: Meditation does not stop on your seat! To attain constant happiness, you should be mindful any time: while eating, while walking, while sitting in your car.

You will discover a lot about “yourself”, about how your brain works. With time you will be able to see the thoughts as what they actually are: just thoughts. You will learn not to identify with them anymore. This also gives you the incredible chance to change your way of thinking. Consciously. Your thoughts are energy and what you think, you become, as Buddha said. Considering this, you actually want to be able to have an impact on how your brain is wired!

Meditation will help you to let go of your fears and anxiety. It will give you more peace and increase your empathy and contentment. It is the art of letting go, step by step, of your thoughts and all things that aren’t good for you. To let go means to get rid of all those layers around our true inner self and let yourself come to light – be light.

For a short meditation guide for beginners see my article On Meditation.


Stay tuned, happy and mindful!



Born and raised in the beautiful Tegernsee region in Bavaria, I grew up in the midst of mountains. After my studies in art history I have been working in the art business for years and became a trained mountain guide in 2013. Every free minute I spend either outdoors - hiking, biking, skitouring and running - or around the world, traveling foreign countries. On, I am sharing my travel and hiking experiences as well as daily stories about a healthy, happy and mindful lifestyle.

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