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You are what you eat – on every single level: physically, mentally and spiritually!

“You are what you eat.” Detox. Wellness. Smoothies. Organic food.

Seems like every minute of the day the modern human being is confronted with health issues and is thriving for ways to be fit, slim and happy. But do we really know what is good for us and why? I doubt it, although I am very happy to see certain trends towards a more mindful and healthy lifestyle (as opposed to the stressful, fast-food based indoor lifestyle that became so horribly common throughout the last decades).

What I recently discovered: it is so true that you actually ARE what you EAT – on every single level: physically, mentally and spiritually!

I have been fasting once a year for many years and it was only this year that something changed. While fasting I started doing research on nutrition, especially acid-base balance and the impact of good and bad food on the human body. What I found out entirely changed my relation to food.

A basic body is a healthy body. When your nutrition consists of basic eatables such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and certain kinds of nuts you create a basic environment in your body. On the contrary all meat products, sugar, dairy products, soft drinks, water with carbon dioxide, alcohol and coffee have an acidic impact on you. As the body depends on a basic value, which means it needs certain minerals, it will take these minerals from your bones and organs if it doesn’t get them through your nutrition. This leads to deficiency syndrome and to many widespread diseases. It also leads to stasis of the tissue –  aka cellulite.

I became a vegetarian quite soon after doing my research and I am currently cutting down on dairy products after having seen the movie “What the health“. Here, medical doctors are speaking about the impact of meat, fish and dairy products on the human body. If you want to believe what is said in this film, the most widespread diseases of our times such as diabetes,  heart attacks and even cancer could be prevented simply by a change of nutrition.

So what changed after three months of living a basic, vegetarian life?

I am fitter, I feel lighter, I look healthier. Some chronic problems I have been having for many years (such as back pain) vanished (in combination with yoga practice and meditation). My skin improved a lot (in combination with only using purely natural cosmetic products), my hair is stronger, even my eyes seem to look clearer to me.

Mentally and spiritually I feel improvements that are harder to describe than the physical ones. But as a healthy mind can only live in a healthy body I guess it is clear that nutrition influences your thoughts and your moods (which in turn have an impact on your environment). On a spiritual level I am very happy to live a life that doesn’t harm other beings and has less of an impact on the pollution of the environment.

In short: I love it.


I would be happy to hear about your experiences with a vegetarian / vegan nutrition and why you made that choice.




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