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Königsalm (1115 m), Tegernsee | An easy hike for late sleepers

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Discover a beautiful and easy hike in the stunning Tegernsee region south of Munich, Bavaria!

Level of difficulty: easy
Fitness level: medium
Length: 3 – 4 hours / 10 km
Altitude difference: 300 m
Equipment: normal hiking gear
Tour: round trip possible
Starting point: 47°37’21.5″N 11°44’03.8″E
(Parking lot; € 4 per day, coins only!)
Map: Kompass

50 km south of Munich you will find a hiker’s paradise: the amazing landscape around lake Tegernsee with countless trails and mountain cabins for authentic culinary Bavarian experiences!


Carry enough water! You can buy food and drinks at the Königsalm between June and September. The Königsalm is closed on Tuesdays!  Make sure you carry coins for the parking lot if you come by car. You should wear proper hiking shoes and I would recommend to bring hiking poles.

Königsalm hut on 1115 meters

Königsalm hut on 1115 meters


Starting at the parking lot “Siebenhütten/ Fischzucht” on the left side of the street, follow the street direction “Siebenhütten” and “Königsalm”. After 450 meters turn right following the path to “Königsalm” and “Gaißalm”. The narrow and winding trail leads through a mixed forest and you will cross two crystal-clear streams – take your chance to stock up on water! There are one or two spots where you will have to climb over a tree or some stones but nothing dramatic. After an hour you will leave the forest part and reach a high plateau and the privately owned “Gaißalm”. Leaving the hut on your right side, follow the path, descending a short while to another river before you turn left and reach the “Königsalm” after another 10 minutes.

The hut was built by Maximilian I., King of Bavaria at the beginning of the 19th century. Surrounded by gentle hills, it is a very idyllic place and you will certainly spot some cows and horses who spend their summers up here! The Mountain Inn is open from June till September and you will have the opportunity to taste fresh milk (directly from the cow), cheese, a selection of delicious homemade cakes and the famous refreshing Tegernsee beer!  During autumn time find yourself enjoying stunning views with the deciduous trees beaming in golden colors.

If you want to extend your hiking tour you can proceed to the “Schildenstein” 1611 m / 1 ½ hours or to the “Halserspitze” 1862 m / 4 hours (quite a hike – make sure you’re fit enough!) – just follow the yellow signs directly next to the Königsalm.


You do not have to take the same path back. You can take another, slightly longer option on your right hand side (when you stand facing the Königsalm; it is a clearly visible, broad gravel path). This path will lead you over the high plateau and through the woods. After one hour you reach another parking lot southwest of your starting point. From this parking lot (there is a bridge and more yellow signs) you follow trail no. 501 and the signs leading to “Wildbad Kreuth” respectively “Siebenhütten”. After another 45 minutes walk next to the Weißach river on your left side you will reach your starting point.

A happy and save hike to all of you!
MAp of Königsalm tour tegernsee peaknomad

© Kompass



If you do this hike during summer time, don’t miss to jump into lake Tegernsee afterwards to refresh your spirits!












Born and raised in the beautiful Tegernsee region in Bavaria, I grew up in the midst of mountains. After my studies in art history I have been working in the art business for years and became a trained mountain guide in 2013. Every free minute I spend either outdoors - hiking, biking, skitouring and running - or around the world, traveling foreign countries. On peaknomad.com, I am sharing my travel and hiking experiences as well as daily stories about a healthy, happy and mindful lifestyle.

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