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Binsalm (1502 m) | Hahnkampl (2082 m) | Tyrol, Austria

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Ahornboden, Karwendel, Austria: An easy hiking tour to Binsalm Hut (1502 m) with the possibility to extend to Hahnkampl (2082 m).


Tour to Binsalm (1520 m)
Ahornboden, Karwendel, Austria peaknomad

Ahornboden, Karwendel, Austria

Level of difficulty: easyLength: 2 hours
Fitness level: low
Altitude difference: 400m
Equipment: normal hiking gear


How to get there

Take the highway A8 München – Salzburg; Take the exit “Holzkirchen”; Drive direction “Bad Tölz” and “Lenggries”, “Sylvensteinspeicher”, “Vorderriß”, “Hinterriß”, “Eng” (open only from May till October; fee: 3,50 € for cars/ 6 € for camper).
Park at the parking lot of “Alpengasthof Eng” (1250m).


Local dairy products for sale at the "Almdorf Eng" peaknomad.com

Local dairy products for sale


From there just follow the road towards the valley. You will discover some old farms that sell self-made products, especially cheese. After a short while you will reach a bridge and from that point signs will lead you the way.

The altitude difference of the hike is 400 m, so even if you are not a fit hiker, this tour is absolutely doable and offers a great view on the other Karwendel peaks! After 45 – 60 minutes you will arrive at the Binsalm, which offers local specialities. The road is suited for mountainbiking as far as Binsalm. If you are up to some more hiking after that, you can extend your tour to the Hahnkampl (2082 m).


Tour to Hahnkampl (2082 m)

Level of difficulty: medium
Length: 4,5 hours
Fitness level: medium
Altitude difference: 900m
View: excellent!
Equipment: normal hiking gear


This tour is a bit more difficult than the path leading to Binsalm. You basically follow the broad path until the sign that says “Binssattel”. Follow that sign to the left. The path is getting more narrow and steep. After approximately 1 hour you will reach the “Binssattel”. After another 30 minutes you will reach the peak. From there you will enjoy an incredible view onto Sonnjoch and Rappenspitze!

View from Hahnkampl to Sonnjoch peaknomad.com

View from Hahnkampl to Sonnjoch


To do a round tour, follow the path to the south, direction “westliches Lamsenjoch”. On the way there you will have to use your hands from time to time so you should have a head for heights. After 30 minutes you reach the “westliches Lamsenjoch”, from there follow the signs to the right leading to “Eng” and “Binsalm”. After one more hour you’ll be back at the Binsalm.

As with every other trek, you should do some proper planning beforehand. I would recommend to start early and stay at Binsalm overnight. There are 80 beds (dorms and private rooms) starting from € 24 including breakfast. That way you can recreate and enjoy the evening eating local food, chatting with other hikers and chilling in front of the fireplace (when I was there in 2012 they actually had an outdoor jacuzzi! And a strange or rather lunatic Viennese waiter who provided me and my friend with lots of schnaps and a foot massage, but that’s a different story altogether).

For this tour and more treks in the region I recommend the Kompass Map # 26. For every tour you do you should carry a map of the area and a compass (and know how to use it! See my packing list for hiking). In case you get lost, the map will show you the direction and where you can walk in the terrain.

If you have the time, stay in that area for a while, as there are some ridiculously beautiful tours waiting for you!!

display of the Ahornboden area peaknomad.com

Display of the Ahornboden area

Other hikes in the area

Sonnjoch (2458 m), Gamsjoch (2452 m), Lamsenspitze (via ferrata; 2508 m).



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