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Dandelion flower salad with mung bean sprouts and radishes

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Dandelion is delicious, super healthy and the best thing about it – it’s free!

Compared to the normal salad you can buy in the supermarket, wild herbs contain far more vitamins and nutrients. So if you have the chance to pick some in your garden or a park you should go for it and get those cheap ingredients for your salads.
This is a very easy, quick and healthy recipe which makes an extraordinary starter when you have guests for dinner.


Serves: 2
Preparation time: 5 M
Difficulty: as easy as it gets


2 handful of fresh dandelion (flowers, leaves and stalks)
2 handful of (self cultivated) mung bean sprouts
200 g of radishes
some chives
organic lemon infused olive oil
pinch of pink salt and organic pepper


You can eat all parts of the dandelion part, not only their colorful and nutrient-packed flowers.
Actually you should eat the leaves and stalks as well as they provide precious, healthy bitters – and help cleaning your colon plus your liver loves those bitters as they help with detox.
Their bitter taste blends nicely with the sweet taste of the flowers .
Cut the radishes into slices, remove the yellow petals from the stalk, cut dandelion stalk, leaves and the chives and garnish all ingredients on your plates. Spice with some salt, pepper and organic lemon olive oil and you’ll have a great and very pretty starter!

Bon appetit everybody!

Tips: I like to cultivate my own seedlings, it is very easy and provides you with affordable superfoods on a daily basis!
There are many ways to use dandelion, for example you can make a super detox tea out of the leaves or a facial toner from the petals. Just add some boiling water to the petals, let it chill and apply with a cotton pad after cleaning your face.
The petals make a delicious ingredient in smoothies (you might wanna try a combination of orange, ginger, cinnnamon and dandelion petals – I love it!).


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