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 Hiking safety

Safety is a very important aspect when you go hiking. Most importantly, you should know about:

  • dangers concerning the weather in the mountains
  • emergency management
  • what to do when somebody is hurt
  • how to pack
  • what to carry

Learn how to properly prepare a hiking tour. You want to enjoy the experience and stay safe on your hike. Therefore you need to know exactly what to expect – weatherwise and terrain wise.

With a properly packed backpack and the necessary equipment your trip will be safe. Be prepared for unscheduled conditions.

In order to enjoy your trip and be safe, you have to prepare EVERY hiking tour carefully. Even if it is a tour that you know well, most of the general rules apply for preparation! Check out the safety guide for your future hikes.

In case something happens, God forbid, you should know exactly how to act. This knowledge might save your life! Therefore, emergency management is vital knowledge for the hiker.