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Stephanie Hess peaknomad.com

I am Stephanie. I am a passionate hiker, an ardent traveller and an outdoor-junkie. I am a convinced meditator and following the eastern philosophy of peace and mindfulness.

I grew up in the bavarian Alps, close to lake Tegernsee and in the midst of mountains. I spend most of my time outdoors, preferably in the mountainside.

I studied art history in Munich and Venice, worked in an art gallery for many years and spent one year working for an NGO in Kenya. In 2013 I decided to transform my passion into a profession and became a trained mountain guide.

Besides my passion for any outdoor sports (hiking, running, biking, skiing, snowboarding) – I love traveling!! My first journey to Asia in 2008, when I visited India for two months, left me with a bad case of wanderlust. I’ve been exploring foreign countries as often as I could ever since.

Meeting new people from different cultures and experiencing the alien are existential to me. I love to discover the unknown and see my horizon change with every single journey.

This blog is for everyone who loves traveling, vegan food and a mindful lifestyle. Follow me on this journey and explore!